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"This is an outstanding 5 day class that goes in depth on the cleaning philosophy of rugs. This same philosophy can be applied to all areas of textile cleaning.  I have been using this cleaning philosophy since I have attended this class with amazing results.  My clients are extremely happy with the higher level of soil removal.  Ron and Phil, thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Linda Plunkett,
AWPOV Rug Specialist, Inc.



Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists

The Professional Oriental rug cleaners represented on this map have confirmed that they have met these Requirements.

  • They own and operate the complete Auserehlian Cleaning System;

  • An Auserehlian trained Oriental rug cleaning specialist performs the duties of the cleaning of the rugs.

  • They abide by the Auserehlian Cleaning System  procedures

  • They offer all guarantees, warrantees, assurances and/or commitments in written form for their customers and release Auserehlian and Company from any and all liability and hold them harmless.

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For those states not represented, click here or give us a call and we may be able to help.





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